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The following list may change as SilverLua continues through development. Also, features unavailable in the current version of SilverLua may be added in a future version. If your favorite feature is listed here, feel free to post in the Discussions section or submit a feature request in the Issue Tracker to voice your support.

Core language

  • Strings are stored as UTF-16 Unicode strings, not ASCII. This will help SilverLua to be more viable for games that wish to be localized for different regions.
  • The "number" type has been split into "integer" and "float". This was done primarily for performance purposes, since the Xbox 360 .NET CLR does not provide high performance floating point instructions. This split is mostly invisible to the user. All numbers will be stored as integers until an operation is performed that requires it to be treated as a float. Integers correspond to the Int32 type in C#, and floats correspond to Single.
  • Metatables, threads and coroutines are not supported. These may be added in a future version of SilverLua.
    • Metatables are near the top of the list of features to support in future versions.

Standard library

  • The following standard library functions will not be supported:
    • collectgarbage, dofile, getfenv, getmetatable, load, loadfile, loadstring, pcall, print, rawequal, rawget, rawset, setfenv, setmetatable, xpcall
    • All coroutine and debug functions
    • io.popen, io.stdin, io.stdout
      • io.stderr will redirect to System.Diagnostics.Trace
    • os.execute, os.exit, os.getenv, os.remove, os.rename, os.setlocale, os.tmpname
    • string.dump
  • The file and io functions may or may not remain intact. Xbox 360 storage devices make file I/O tricky, so this issue is still being considered.
  • The module system is still being worked out. I'll try to make it similar to the way Lua 5.1 works, but we'll see.
  • Additional library functions will be added to support other XNA Game Studio features, such as controller input and playing sound effects.

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